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Who is The Indian Monk?


TiM™ is a man Born of India who walks amongst us daily. Discover the power of Aura & Chakras on our daily life. Let TiM guide you to a positive future with guided energy realignment.

About TiM™
The Inidan Mong





TiM Experience

Embark on a new journey with The Indian Monk. TiM (an abbreviation of The Indian Monk) has helped countless people requiring his assistance. Heal a fractured soul, a broken heart, overcome an illness, find inner peace or to offer guidance for those in search of themselves.

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The journey Begins

The Inidan Mong


The Inidan Mong


Aura Reading

Aura is field of energy surrounding us, known as the etheric field. It reveals a great deal about our state of being. The colors of our Aura change depending on our emotional, physical or spiritual state.

Aura Scan


Voice Print

As our Auras our Voice Print is unique to us. A healthy and happy mind vibrates at a higher frequency and our Voice print reflects this “happy state”. Take a voice print reading to gauge your energy & well being.

Voice Print Reading


The Inidan Mong

The Power of Stillness

The Inidan Mong


Audio Session

Develop your spiritual journey or try resolving a problem with One to One Audio session talking with The Indian Monk entirely led by you where he listens to your specific issues and offers confidential feedback and practical advice on how to assist you.

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Chakra Alignment

Chakra means “wheel” referring to energy points in our body. The spinning disks of energy should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves & major organs in our body. Realign & correct your Chakras under the tutelage of your trusted guru 'TiM'

Chakra Cleansing

Deep rest

The Inidan Mong

Peace in Mind

The Inidan Mong


Group Meditation

TiM helps you start your day as you mean to go on. Powerful ancient meditation chants guide you on a journey of inner self-discovery. Connect with yourself at a deeper level.Experience the limited group sessions today.

Group Session



Make a permanent change in your life and book an appointment with The Indian Monk. Experience the personalized guidance from TiM. Find out for yourself the healing techniques, guidance and practices that leads you to discover your inner strength and improve all aspects of your life.

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Spiritual Guidance

The Inidan Mong
The Inidan Mong


Healing Aids

A selection of gem stones, crystals, sleeping aids and other healing tools developed to synergize with the practices and techniques encouraged by TiM. Carefully researched & chosen by The Indian Monk to resonate with our vibrational frequency. Experience the amalgamation of Science, Ayurveda & Spirituality.

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